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Addiction Management

Addiction indicates strong dependence on a particular substance or activity. A harmful addiction (eating, drugs, games, alcohol, smoking, gambling, etc.) affects mental health badly. A person suffering from addiction feels anxious, if addicted substance is not available or addicted activity is not able to perform. He/ she continue to use the substance or carry out the activity irrespective of effects of addiction such as damage to health, social harm, etc.

Addiction leads to mental illness which affect day- to- day living, causing depression. Its effects include relationship problems, physical injury, failure to perform family and work obligations, lack of interest in necessary activities, etc.

Treatment for Addictions

Addiction problems can be cured with several methods of treatments, depending on the intensity of addiction. Treatments include psychological counseling, medication, and long term therapy from de-addiction centers. Therapists who specialized in addiction management can help addicted people to restore their mental health. Together, the therapist and the person being treated can work to set long-term goals so that they can lead a comfortable life.

MindGuru provides online counseling by which you can access online platform at any time everywhere as per your convenience. There are expert counselors specialized in addiction management who will interact with you. You can chat/ call anonymously and share what makes you worrying with counselor. Your personal details will be kept as confidential. Online therapy is very effective and will get rid of addiction problems effectively, making a comfortable life.