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Terms and Conditions

This Terms of Use (or "TOU") is a set of rules you agree to follow for using our website www.mindgurulive.com and mobile app “MindGuru” (hereinafter commonly referred as MindGuru), developed and maintained by MEDICAID ONLINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA.

MindGuru, an online Web and Android platform, provides the service, online counseling for mental wellness.

MindGuru operates at two levels- Client, one who desires to consult (referred as user) and Psychologist, one who consult the Client.


MindGuru Terms of Use for Client / User
  • MindGuru does not charge any registration fee from User/ Client for registering in the online platform but service charge is to be paid by the Client for service. The payment will be done through online. Fees may vary depending upon the Psychologists.
  • User can create account with username, password and other details and access the account when service required. User is solely responsible for all activities that occur under his account. If user suspects unauthorized access to his account, he may contact immediately Customer Support and rectify the same. MindGuru reserves right to terminate any user's account and reserves the right to block, delete or stop the uploading of materials and communications.
  • Users are encouraged to ask questions and comments, by emailing or directly entering in the Website/Mobile Application. User can contact Customer Support by email at office@mindgurulive.com.
  • While every care has been taken to provide reliable service to user, MindGuru online platform does not warrant any accuracy. Users are responsible for which they choose the service.
  • Users should keep proper etiquette with Psychologist and duration of consultation is at the discretion of Psychologist. MindGuru encourages healthy relationship between User/ Client and Psychologist. Each session may take thirty minutes to sixty minutes.
  • For registering MindGuru online counseling service and availing counseling sessions, the minimum age for the user is 18 years such that he/ she possesses enough capacity and maturity to access online platform
  • Registered Users and Visitors can access MindGuru online Content and are responsible for compliance with local laws.
  • MindGuru may terminate any user's right to use this site at any time. MindGuru reserves the right to block, delete or stop the uploading of materials and communications that it in its sole discretion finds unacceptable for any reason.
  • MindGuru is not licensed to practice medicine and does not render medical care or medical advice. MindGuru does not recommend or endorse any specific providers, tests, medications, products or procedures. All services or recommendations made by a health service provider are based on their independent professional judgment.
  • User agrees that the services provided by MindGuru are not to be used in the case of emergencies. In case of any mental health emergency or any other medical emergency it is strongly recommended that user should immediately visit the nearest medical facility for examination in person.
  • MindGuru reserves every right to keep records of Client's Counseling Session Summary for future references. MindGuru does not share any Client information to any third party.
  • User can view the fee to be charged when selecting a Psychologist. User will have to make payment through online after booking time slot.
  • While MindGuru ensures best service for its users, Client/ User may understand the nature of the profession, and therefore there may be exceptions such as personal or any other emergencies. In such instances, on discretion, rescheduling of consultation to be made by the Psychologist by communicating with provider.
  • The Client can reschedule the appointment with a 10 % service charge of payment, but can’t cancel the appointment. The Client should inform at least 48 hours earlier in the Website or Mobile Application for reschedule. If the consultation is not done in the booked time slot due to practitioner’s emergency and no rescheduling possible, then full booking fees will be refunded after the verification.
  • MindGuru reserves intellectual property rights. All of the content available on or through MindGuru is the property of MEDICAID ONLINE SERVICES PVT LTD, and is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property laws. We give you permission to display, download, store and print the content only for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate the content received using the MindGuru online service.
  • If you are thinking about suicide or if you are considering taking actions that may cause harm to you or to others or if you feel that or any other person may be in any danger or if you have any medical emergency, you must immediately call/visit the relevant authorities. You acknowledge, confirm and agree that the platform is not designed for use in any of the aforementioned cases and that you must not use the platform in any of the aforementioned cases.
  • Any dispute, claim or controversy arising related to this agreement or terms of use shall be determined by arbitration in India, before a sole arbitrator appointed by Courts at Kerala (Perinthalmanna) shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or in relation to this Agreement.



  • MindGuru ensures that the experience on the MindGuru booking platform is beneficial to Clients.
  • MindGuru will try to ensure that the Client is consulted by the same Psychologist with whom the appointment has been confirmed, in the time slot booked by Client. Every care should be taken in order to avoid any difficulty to the Client. If Psychologist’s unavailability occurs due to any emergencies, then the appointment should be cancelled or rescheduled to another time as per Client’s convenience.
  • MindGuru realizes and respects the nature of the profession, and therefore consider following exceptions such as any emergencies from Psychologist. In such instances, on discretion, rescheduling of consultation to be made by the Provider by taking care the convenience of Client
  • MindGuru checks for non-compliance cases and verified by communicating with both, the Psychologist and the user. Each verified non-compliance case will be communicated to the Client through Email and SMS. Refunding is done to the user/client as per refunding policy.
  • As non-compliance cases cause a negative influence on the reputation of the service, MindGuru may have to deactivate the accounts from website/Application
  • These terms and conditions between MindGuru and Psychologist/ User will be governed by the laws of India.
  • These terms and conditions are valid for six months from the date of registration in the MindGuru online platform by Psychologist/ User.