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Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety is a mental state which makes feeling of unease such as worrying, nervousness or fear, etc. Every human being may feel anxiety at some point of time in the life. These may include fear for examination, job interview, public speaking, etc. which seem as perfectly normal state. But everyday anxiety which is out of control is considered as disorder which affects day- to- day living.

Anxiety disorder should be cured so that it does not cause further illness to mind and body. Anxiety is the main symptom of several diseases like panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, stress, etc.

The anxiety disorder which in broad- sense known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) indicates worrying too much about everyday things without any relaxing. This affects daily life resulting mental and physical symptoms. Sleep problems, Fears for certain things, muscle tension, chronic digestive problems, panic, self- doubt, etc. are indications of anxiety disorder.

Treatment for Anxiety disorder

As anxiety is the root cause of several diseases, it should be properly treated. Different treatments for anxiety inlcude psychological counseling, medication, etc.

MindGuru provides online counseling by which you can access online platform at any time everywhere as per your convenience. There are expert counselors specialized in anxiety disorder who will interact with you. You can chat/ call anonymously and share what makes you worrying with counselor. Your personal details will be kept as confidential. Online therapy is very effective nowadays and your fears, social anxiety, etc. will be cured effectively.